it's been so long

it's like been a year since i last post my last post.
my life has been really hectic and stressing out and so much assignment and tests to do!!!
it's crazy if you study at my school! i mean it!

So, i just found this new fashion blog called The Stylish Wanderer and she has a really great style and i love love love her hair! I totally wish I could have a hair like that..
Oh, and her clothe and accessories are also great. She has lots of vintage clothes and I love them <3
What I love most is her Calvin Klein black heels. They look so great and oh so amazing.
And on her newest post (Green Chair + Red Fence), there's a picture of a green chair which she took from a dumpster. That chair reminds me of the yellow bench which is in my school that I really like. Well it's not in a good condition, it's not fabulous and chic and so on, but it's a simple bench which is made out of planks of wood and then simply painted with yellow paint. It has some carving of a heart which is carved by someone whoever they are and since it was put in the parking lot it's super shabby, BUT i still love it anyway. I feel like I want to take it with me. hahahah.

Well... tomorrow's my birthday and i'm gonna be 16!
WOW 16. I feel like I've only lived for 1 year only, haha, and yet 16 years.
Hopefully I can be a better person. That's my wish.


Princess Audrey

i won 4th place on a contest in polyvore. the group's name is Celebrity street style and the contest is * 2 ITEMS *.
i'm so proud and super happy about it. when i found out about this i was at an airport in shanghai and the flight was delayed for like 6 hours! haha.


My vintage purse

i found this purse accidentally when i was just opening a cupboard for no reason. haha. i love it! <3
it was my grandmother's and i wore it for my junior high prom.

that's me at prom
i wore a zara dress with a black blazer which my mom made for me and a studded zara belt. thanks to my sis, amanda. thank you for doing my make up and lending me your bracelet and shoe. haha.


Christian Louboutin goes Tomboy

Tomboy but still fabulous, gorgeous, and chic!
Ohlala i love Christian Louboutin! <3


when i die ...

isn't this polaroid pictures interesting or what?
there's this site that collects pictures of people and their own writing about what they want to do or be before they die.


Igor + Andre

I"m addicted to Danny Roberts' art. Isn't he amazing? His drawings are like soooooo cool and mesmerizing.
And here's also what I made on polyvore using his drawings.


Love Love Love Louboutin

won 3rd place in Love Love Love Louboutin contest on polyvore.com
feels so good although i didn't win first place but still it is a big accomplishment that i have made for myself.


Yesterday I was looking at my mom's 2003 Vogue magazine and I found a really cool picture of a vintage Vogue magazine cover. Today I check out the web address (condenastart.com) and wow lots and lots of great vintage magazine covers! They are sold, but unfortunately they're oh so expensive.
Here are some of the great ones I saw.