it's been so long

it's like been a year since i last post my last post.
my life has been really hectic and stressing out and so much assignment and tests to do!!!
it's crazy if you study at my school! i mean it!

So, i just found this new fashion blog called The Stylish Wanderer and she has a really great style and i love love love her hair! I totally wish I could have a hair like that..
Oh, and her clothe and accessories are also great. She has lots of vintage clothes and I love them <3
What I love most is her Calvin Klein black heels. They look so great and oh so amazing.
And on her newest post (Green Chair + Red Fence), there's a picture of a green chair which she took from a dumpster. That chair reminds me of the yellow bench which is in my school that I really like. Well it's not in a good condition, it's not fabulous and chic and so on, but it's a simple bench which is made out of planks of wood and then simply painted with yellow paint. It has some carving of a heart which is carved by someone whoever they are and since it was put in the parking lot it's super shabby, BUT i still love it anyway. I feel like I want to take it with me. hahahah.

Well... tomorrow's my birthday and i'm gonna be 16!
WOW 16. I feel like I've only lived for 1 year only, haha, and yet 16 years.
Hopefully I can be a better person. That's my wish.

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